Alphabet Treasure English Textbook (Level A)
Alphabet Treasure English Textbook (Level A)
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Alphabet Treasure English Textbook (Level A)

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Subject, Type of Book and Class
? English
? Reading
? <3 Years (Level A)

Book Description
Basics of phoenetics that a child needs to learn for everyday conversation along with day to day things that a child experiences is explained beautifully with examples in this book.

Content Inside
? English Alphabets
? Basic words to learn
? Pictures for illustration

Key Features
? Alphabet Treasure Class Nursery study textbook
? Chapter-wise Letters to Learn
? Practice questions
? Use of contemporary teaching methods
? Pictures for Illustration
? Best-selling Alphabet Treasure book in CBSE

Book Specifics
? Alphabet Treasure Chapter-wise Easy To Understand Textbook For Class Nursery
? 125
? 32 pages
? Written in English
? Educart