CBSE Previous Years Solved Papers 2020 For Class 10 (SP108)
CBSE Previous Years Solved Papers 2020 For Class 10 (SP108)
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CBSE Previous Years Solved Papers 2020 For Class 10 (SP108)

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Previous Years solved Papers is not hard at all but easy to score well if you follow a simple method of structuring your answers. That smart structuring is the core of our Solved paper book as each solution is superbly explained by our  CBSE expert. This will give you enough practice to crack any question in the exam.

This book covers the following:

  • CBSE 2019 Solved By 2019 CBSE Topper
  • CBSE 2018 Topper Solution
  • CBSE 2017 Topper Solution

Right from essays/letters marks breakdown to following strict CBSE blueprint and Exam syllabus for February 2020 Exam, this book is superbly written. It starts with never-before focus points that dissect the whole 2020 paper and explains how to structure and answer each question of the 2020 All Subjects (Mathematics, Science, Social Science, English, Hindi A & Hindi B Exam efficiently.

Extra value items added in this book:

  • Utilising 15 minute reading time just before the exam (by CBSE topper)
  • Focus points at the beginning (6 pages)
  • Structuring your Maths Exam 3 hours smartly (by CBSE Markers)
  • 2020 marking scheme points (value points) underlined in all papers (CBSE markers look for these key points to allot full marks)

Self-assessments are included to help you practice without the temptation of checking the answers at the back and thus strain your memory further to get to the answer. This book provides the right recipe to practice for the English 2020 board exam. Take our word for it :)

And of course we are here should you have any issue during your preparation. We hope you give this book a buy and crack the All Subjects exam with ease.

Best of luck students!