Educart NCERT Science Exemplar Class 10 Book
Educart NCERT Science Exemplar Class 10 Book
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Educart NCERT Science Exemplar Class 10 Book

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Book Description

→Every single question of this Educart NCERT
Exemplar is solved keeping the basics in mind
→Strict NCERT syllabus guidelines are followed when writing explanations
→Special attention is put to explanations of MCQs and VSA as 25% of paper comes from them
→Questions that have appeared in previous board examinations are identified, so that students use that extra data to prioritize important questions.
→Extra examinable insight in certain solutions is
given under the categories of Definition,
Differentiation, Concept Applied and Extra
→NCERT recommended Diksha 2.0 platform
(launched February 2020) questions (important
ones) are solved at the end of each chapter.
Educart NCERT Exemplar Science also serves the purpose of revision, in the last moments before Board examinations, especially, as a major part of paper comes from this book statistically. We sincerely hope that the contents of this book will prove immensely beneficial to all students. We wish you the best of luck."