Holiday Homework Workbook For Class 1
Holiday Homework Workbook For Class 1
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Holiday Homework Workbook For Class 1

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Subject, Type of Book and Class
? Holiday Homework
? Writing
? Class 1

Book Description
With the summer vacations comes the the list of Holiday Homeworks! Making the lives of our teachers easier, we have launched our own books for Holiday Homeworks from UKG to Class 5, all inclusive of plethora of exercises and activities for all subjects.

Content Inside
? All Subjects available
? Chapter-wise questions
? Various types of activities
? Coverage of complete course

Key Features
? Holiday Homework Class 1 study workbook
? All Subjects Chapter-wise questions
? Practice questions for every subject
? Use of contemporary teaching methods
? Pictures for Illustration
? Best-selling Holiday Homework book in CBSE

Book Specifics
? Holiday Homework All Subjects Chapter-wise Easy To Understand Workbook For Class 1
? 240
? 100 pages
? Written in English
? Educart