Shabd Sudha Textbook (Level B)
Shabd Sudha Textbook (Level B)
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Shabd Sudha Textbook (Level B)

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Subject, Type of Book and Class
? Hindi
? Reading
? 3-5 Years (Level B)

Book Description
Understanding Hindi letters is made easy with an aid of colourful illustrations and multiple words that can be formed. There are lots of activities alongside to practice. This book will leave a lasting impression on the young minds.

Content Inside
? Hindi Varnmala
? Pictures for illustration
? Hindi Words
? Practice questions
? Hindi Sentences

Key Features
? Shabd Sudha Class LKG Textbook
? Chapter-wise writing
? Practice writing in every chapter
? Use of contemporary teaching methods
? Pictures for Illustration
? Best-selling Shabd Sudha book in CBSE

Book Specifics
? Shabd Sudha Chapter-wise Easy To Understand Textbook For Class LKG
? 150
? 40 pages
? Written in Hindi
? Educart